Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Great Falls Women’s Business Luncheon?

We always meet on the third Wednesday of the month at 12:00pm in Great Falls, VA.

Do you hold your luncheon every month?

The luncheon is held February through December.

How did the Great Falls Women’s Business Luncheon begin?

In December 2005, Michele Powers-Farber of Nutrient Chef and Laura Poindexter of Queenb Creative create a networking group for businesses who serve the Great Falls Community. Our first luncheon was held at the Great Falls Tavern. We had 5 attendees.

How many women attend the luncheon now?

We average 20-30 attendees at each luncheon. Our list continues to grow as the word spreads and we average about 6-8 new attendees each month.

Do you have speakers?

Each attendee is allowed 30 seconds to tell the group about her business. We offer a limited number of vendor tables each month for an additional fee. Vendors are allowed a full minute to talk about their businesses. Sometimes we offer a business education seminar before the luncheon.

How do I get on the invitation list?

Simply sign up through the “Join Our Invitation List” box on this page. Invitations are sent on the Monday prior to the luncheon (9 days before), but you can register online at any time.

Why is it cheaper to preregister?

We need to guarantee the number of attendees so the chef can prepare the proper amount of food. Preregistering ensures that we can pay for the number of lunches we guarantee. We make it cheaper for you to preregister as an incentive to do so. Just as we put the chef in a bind if we were to confirm for 50 and only have 25 show up (without preregistration), we also put him in a bind if we confirm 25 and ask him to feed 50.

Do I have to preregister?

No. We realize that sometimes you can’t always commit to the luncheon because your schedule is ever-changing. At this time, you can pay the higher rate at the door if you don’t preregister.

Can I bring brochures to the luncheon?

Yes. Please bring your brochures and marketing material to the luncheon. We have a few tables specially designated for your material. We ask that you do NOT place any marketing material on the lunch tables.

Can I offer a door prize?

Absolutely. We have no requirements on the minimum value of your door prize and you will get an opportunity to describe your door prize to the group.

What can I expect at the luncheon?

We have informal networking for 10-15 minutes before we take our seats. Then we do roundtable introductions (30 seconds about your business to the entire group). Following the roundtable introductions we eat lunch and network with the other 7-9 people at your table. During dessert, we raffle door prizes, give testimonials, and mention any other women’s networking events or charitable events you may be involved in.

What time should I arrive?

The luncheon starts at 12:00pm but we ask that you arrive at least 10 minutes early to check in, find a seat, network with other attendees and visit our vendor tables.

What are we going to eat?

We start with a soup or salad, followed by an entrée and finish up with dessert. We leave the menu decisions up to the chef because he has never let us down. The food is always fresh and delicious.

What if I am a vegetarian?

Let us know when you check in. We ask the chef to prepare a few vegan meals for each luncheon.

How is your luncheon different from other networking events/groups?

Three ways: 1) there is nothing to join, just come, have lunch and network
2) the day after the luncheon you will receive an Excel spreadsheet with all the luncheon attendees. This helps you to get the most out of the luncheon so you don’t have to worry about remembering to catch someone on the other side of the room before they leave.
3) Our charity work. Since the luncheon’s inception we have tried to add an element of giving by supporting the charitable efforts of our attendees along with selecting charities to hold drives for at our luncheons. In the past we have done drives for winter coats, food, school supplies and old cell phones. We now focus on one charity each quarter and hold those drives at multiple luncheons.

What other benefits do I get from attending your luncheon?

You have the option, after you have attended one of our luncheons, to join our group on LinkedIn. Here you can access contact information and view recommendations on all our attendees who have chosen to join this group.

How often should I attend?

We have no attendance requirements or restrictions. You can attend once a year, every month or somewhere in between. However, please recognize that the purpose of the luncheon is to get to know other business women so you can do business with them and them with you. We suggest attending at least every few months so you can build these relationships.

What if there is another attendee in my business category?

Who cares? We have no restrictions on who can attend the luncheon. There is no exclusivity. We believe there is plenty of business around for everyone.

What is your inclement weather policy?

Our inclement weather policy will follow the Fairfax County School system. If schools are canceled, the luncheon will be canceled. If schools are delayed, the luncheon will still be held.